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When I was young and dreamed about my very own world, I created magic artifacts to use magic based on the tarot cards. This is a basic list of how I interpreted the major arcana tarot cards and each power they hold.

When a mage begins to study at the Military Universal Magical School in Lightland, all of them will receive a deck with 78 cards, where 22 are the major arcana, with more complex magic power than the other 56 cards, the minor arcana. While the minor arcana helps the mage to use physical attacks, like kicks and punches, giving the students a better notion about how to fight in the wars against our planet, the major arcana holds an easy way to use elemental powers, transmutation and especial powers. Each one of the major arcana cards have five levels of power: basic, advanced, perfection, extreme and divine. The last one can only be achieve but one person at a time for each card, and those persons will join the elite of the Arcane Force, Lightland’s army. To a card reach another level, it takes time, experience and the power of its holder as a base to evolve. All the major arcana can me transmuted into a weapon, even though some may need to reach another level first before being transmuted. When created, each card receives their name, but not an art to be displayed, only when it’s used, the card may begin to develop the art by their own, based on the spirit and mind of its mage. Anyone who can use magic may be able to go to the MUMS and thus, it will receive a magical tarot deck. Eventually, each student may have a better affinity with one element or another, being divided in a sector that will help the student do grow better and better with his or her individuality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to use the other major arcana power. Another thing to note, each card have a limited number of times to be used before the card needs to rest for some time, except for the card 00, THE FOOL, whose main power can be use indefinitely. Each time a card is transmuted it will use one of its uses before exhaustion – except for the card 21, THE WORLD, which can only be transmuted by a divine holder – and the transmuted card may keep consuming their uses until their holder has no magic energy left.

Here we have a list of each one of the major arcana and their power.

Main power: may be used to amplify magic powers.
Reversed power: drain magic power from another life being.
Level to be transmuted: basic.
Object: wand.
Object power: can be used into different spells, helping the mage into focus its energy.
Can be used up to 21 times before exhaustion.

Main power: healing.
Reversed power: drain someone’s health, making the person weak.
Level to be transmuted: extreme.
Object: necklace.
Object power: invisibility.
Can be used up to 20 times before exhaustion.

Main power: controls magnetism/metal attraction (metal element)
Reversed power: reverse magnetism/repels metal.
Level to be transmuted: extreme.
Object: scepter.
Object power: mind control.
Can be used up to 19 times before exhaustion.

Main power: magic shield (protects yourself).
Reversed power: create magic shields on others.
Level to be transmuted:  basic:
Object: a shield.
Object power: focus the magic shield power, great protection against projectiles.
Can be used up to 18 times before exhaustion.

Main power: creates illusions for a limited time.
Reversed power: clear illusions.
Level to be transmuted: extreme.
Object: a ring.
Object power: creates illusions that are more complex – sometimes it’s possible to touch and even feel them.
Can be used up to 17 times before exhaustion.

Main power: psychokinesis/move distant objects.
Reversed power: blank mind.
Level to be transmuted: advanced.
Object: bow and arrow.
Object power: drilling (good against magic shields).
Can be used up to 16 times before exhaustion.

Main power: liberate other cards full power, making them be exhausted with one single use.
Reversed power: can drain cards power, but can’t restore them.
Level to be transmuted: perfection.
Object: whip.
Object power: the whip can activate other cards power from distance.
Can be used up to 15 times before exhaustion.

Main power: improves cutting power with magic.
Reversed power: cutting objects can’t cut properly.
Level to be transmuted: basic.
Object: sword.
Object power: sharp cut.
Can be used up to 14 times before exhaustion.

Main power: accelerates the recovery of another card, restoring its power after exhaustion.
Reversed power: makes the recovery of another card be slower.
Level to be transmuted: extreme.
Object: lantern (the old-fashioned kind that uses a wick to light things up and its held from above with four sides, its fuel in this case is magic and the wick is the person’s life-spam).
Object power: time travel.
Can be used up to 13 times before exhaustion.

Main power: two other cards can be used at once, mixing their power.
Reversed power: separate powers that were mixed together.
Level to be transmuted: basic.
Object: light circle.
Object power: enables more cards to be used at once: basic – 4, advanced – 5, perfection – 6, extreme – 7 and divine – 8.
Can be used up to 12 times before exhaustion.

Main power: helps you to communicate with animals.
Reversed power: makes you able to control animals with lower magic power.
Level to be transmuted: extreme.
Object: cape.
Object power: can turn who use it into an animal.
Can be used up to 11 times before exhaustion.

Main power: control plants and wood, making them grow (wood element).
Reversed power: makes plants and wood shrink to the original size.
Level to be transmuted: extreme.
Object: axe.
Object power: read and control minds.
Can be used up to 10 times before exhaustion.

Main power: reveals the person’s aura and help seers to see the future of the person through the lifelines.
Reversed power: make holders able to see a person’s life spam.
Level to be transmuted: extreme.
Object: sickle.
Object power: can be used to cut between dimensions, to trap and control soul’s lifelines.
Can be used up to 9 times before exhaustion.

Main power: controls water or liquids (element water).
Reversed power: pulls water away or off things, being able to drain water.
Level to be transmuted: perfection.
Object: a chest armor.
Object power: it helps the holder to fly or fluctuate, sometimes having some kind of wing to assist the process of flying.
Can be used up to 8 times before exhaustion.

Main power: controls darkness (element darkness).
Reversed power: dissipate shadows.
Level to be transmuted: perfection.
Object: trident.
Object power: paralyzes who is touched.
Can be used up to 7 times before exhaustion.

Main power: make and controls lightening (element lightning).
Reverse power: makes lightning not be attracted by you, making them hit somewhere else.
Level to be transmuted: basic.
Object: (whole body armor).
Object power: enhances individual protection.
Can be used up to 6 times before exhaustion.

Main power: control solids and minerals, make things more solid (element earth). (NOTE: not related to metals)
Reversed power: solid things can turned into dust.
Level to be transmuted: perfection.
Object: diadems or crowns.
Object power: magic invulnerability.
Can be used up to 5 times before exhaustion.

Main power: freeze with touch (element ice).
Reversed power: freeze with distance.
Level to be transmuted: perfection.
Object: belt.
Object power: can make copies of you, dividing the uses of the other cards. When united again, the times that wasn’t used will be restored.
Can be used up to 4 times.

19 – THE SUN
Main power: creates and controls fire (element fire).
Reversed power: extinguish flames.
Level to be transmuted: perfection.
Object: spear.
Object power: physical invulnerability.
Can be used up to 3 times before exhaustion.

Main power: creates and controls wind (element air).
Reversed power: ceases the wind movement closes to you.
Level to be transmuted: extreme.
Object: trumpet.
Object power: created powerful winds or creates sonic waves.
Can be used up to 2 times before exhaustion.

Main power: creates and controls light (element light).
Reversed power: turn lights around off.
Level to be transmuted: divine.
Object: four-blade sword, called cross rod (normally it will have a cross shape somehow).
Object power: can cut through magic and darkness, and be used as a compass to find other cards.
Can be used only 1 time before exhaustion, except for the transmutation, that may hold still until its holder’s magic ends.

Main power: mind focus.
Reversed power: mind dispersion.
Level to be transmuted: perfection.
Object: stick.
Object power: can make things get bigger or smaller. It may need to consume more uses to make something smaller or bigger and to keep it like that as well.
Can be used up to 22 times before exhaustion, but the main power may not consume uses.

Some cards may have a second form when transmuted, like 8, THE JUSTICE, being able to become a balance scale when the holder of the transmuted card, a sword, in the divine level, kills someone, as a symbol of justice that will judge if killing is the right thing or not, weighing the killed person’s soul. Or the card 20, THE JUDGEMENT, when transmuted into the trumped when in the divine level, it may turn into a huge golden chalice after consuming its uses; that chalice is full of rage and will deliver destruction where the red water inside pour. Or the card 15, THE DEVIL, which can turns into black chains to paralyze the target better if the first attacks doesn’t works properly.

While in each of their levels, the tarot cards keep evolving until the divine level, searching for the best way to suits better its holder. Eventually, when the cards reaches the level perfection, finding their holder limit, it may not look as it is evolving, because the changes will be smaller, only changing its form dramatically when it reaches the extreme level, only reachable in an extreme situation. To get the divine level, it’s necessary for the holder of the card to be blessed by the arcane magical gods. They will share their power with the holder of someone with a card in an extreme level and them the card will become divine – what is pretty rare to happen.

When a card reaches the divine level, a new power is unlocked: the summoning power. When using the transmuted card in its object form, you may call for the help of the arcane god who turn it into the divine level, summoning the god into our plane for a brief moment.

Also, with the power of the arcane deck comes the power of the blank card, a card used to banish creatures into a dimension of suspension, where they will not harm anyone, even though they can come out of the card if the seal is broken. Eventually, if the card is consumed by magic fire, burning everything within it, the seal will not be broken, consuming the sealed thing or creature inside.
That’s all for today, guys! I may change this in the future, so it may not be exactly this way in the future, but I guess i resume it pretty well. Until next time! Bye bye! :oD

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